Day 284


I received an excellent gift yesterday: time.

I felt the oddest slowness throughout the day, one that left me bored at times and in a state of waiting at others.  Until…

I don’t know exactly how my mindset changed.  I just know that it did, because it was a decision, actually.  Not one of necessity, one attributed to the universe, but one of me.  I chose to use the longest day.  I chose to not drink it away.  I chose to finish reading my book and clean the entire house and get ourselves prepared for my mother-in-law’s surgery, giving us the chance to hold that exclusive in our hearts and minds by ensuring the house was a no-thought.

We have the power to move forward, to accomplish greatness, to be strong and smile and say “fuck you” to our blackest thoughts.  I broke the two-a-day rule, but I broke it, not the blackness.