Day 334


Yesterday, we discussed lines.  We forced the discussion.  But that’s ok, because we powered through.  We were the people we wanted to be, and not necessarily the people we are right now.  The discussion will help us in the coming days, in the times ahead that we look to take our next steps.

Comfort came in the discussion, in the hard discussion.

Comfort also came last night when I opened the bedroom window at midnight.  I opened the window and it let out the stuffy and hot.

Then, I opened the window a little wider than I should have.  And this window, that was cracked a little too much, opened a little too far from the window frame, let in a little too much cold air, was never too much.

This window was not too open, because we held each other the rest of the night.  I held her and then she held me.  I woke up in the night with my arms around her, feeling comfort.  I woke up to my alarm with her arms around me, feeling comfort.  We held each other in the dark, bringing comfort to our hearts.  The window was a lot open; open just right.

Just like the window, the discussion about lines that was a lot difficult, but not too difficult.


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