Day 328


I love what I have been able to do, but there are sacrifices along the way.  I will indulge myself in five seconds of fear in this post…

Watching football pisses me off now.

I love watching football.  I used to do my math and science homework in front of the NFL Sunday binge-fest.

Now, I haven’t watched a full football game in over three years.  I am into my fourth season (coincidentally coinciding with my tour of duty at my current school) and as I watch “Pardon the Interruption,” I realize how far removed I am now.  I used to be able to watch PTI and follow the NFL world.  But now, amidst having hours off since Labour Day as opposed to having days off, I am watching PTI and getting frustrated with the fact that my storylines are so different from those on the screen.

I want to be able to watch football again.  I want to be able to enjoy this.  Part of the next phase – the next step in recovery – will allow me to do so.


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