Day 319


I wrote about the power of context when it came to literary interpretation before on Days 289 and 290.  I noticed it again today.  The importance of context has impact with regards to what I am reading for my Masters: Leithwood, K. and Duke, D. (1999).  A Century’s Quest to Understand School Leadership.  In Murphy, J. and Seashore, K. (Eds.) Handbook of Research on Educational Administration (Second Edition), pp  45-72. San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass. – A DENSE ARTICLE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

I am sure that five years ago, reading this article would have spoken to my Undergraduate education.  This article would have spoken to my equity lens, spoken to the sociology-inclined parts of me.  I would have thought about cultural capital being valued, particularly in a school with large Korean and Jewish populations, neither of whom follow traditionally Western trends in some areas of their lives.  I still thought about those things now.  But now, there was a lot more.

Now, the parts of the article that spoke to me, spoke to me about the darkness.  The parts of this article on leadership made me connect it to the shit, to the frosty workplace, to the people who do what they WANT to do as opposed to what they NEED to do [AN ASIDE ON THAT NOTE (can that be?): I have been in two meetings this past week where the other person took the cause in their direction, made the agenda THEIR agenda; even after I suggested to use the research we collected to inform our next steps, to collect more research about our population to make our actions matter to the students, they wanted to ignore these; instead, they wanted to do THEIR “good,” claiming to benefit students (and while this is a good thing when it comes to WANTS, i.e. jazz club, NEEDS should be based on doing STUDENTS’ good, being who they need us to be as opposed to strictly being what we want to be, because we lose them – they claim to be fore the students, while neglecting the students themselves), and yes, to the place that makes me want to drink too much.

The parts of the article that spoke loudest to me, made me wonder about feeling like a chess piece, like a pawn that is used until it is no longer useful, sacrificed for the Queen.


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