Day 313


“It takes an animal to bring the human out of me.”  How interesting is that statement I made last night?

Usually people would equate animalness with less capable, less cognitive, stupid even.  However, in this statement, I am putting them above us.  I am putting animals above humans because their goodness is automatic, our goodness is chosen.  For animals, it does not appear to be a decision to be cute, a decision to be warm, a decision to be nurturing, a decision to show affection, a decision to be loving.  For animals, this appears automatic, part of their DNA, part of their Uncarved Block.

I made a decision yesterday to call Animal Control when I saw an un-collared dog roaming the streets.  It ran away from me and while it might be someone’s, it was running through traffic with the likelihood of being hit by a car.  I am sure more than myself saw him/her.  I am sure that I am the only one who called.  As a human, I made the decision to be warm and caring.  As a human, many others made the decision to ignore, to find better things to do, to be busy.

Today, I was hurt.  One of my students was just arrested in front of my eyes.  He fucked up, but it still hits hard.  My principal treated me like shit when I tried sharing some vital, time-sensitive information.  Show no fear though – that’s hell-hole high for you, the place where Wellness is on the walls, not in the hearts and minds.  On this thought track, humans did this, humans use and abuse us.

Equating animalness with innocence and humanness with goodness?  That is a fallacy.  Maybe I should have said, “it takes an animal to take the human out of me, and to bring the animal out of me.”


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