Day 312


Good lord, this is what “regular folk” take for granted?

She works six days a week – combining colour and lines to find multi-dimensionality, vividness and genius in her profession, in one of her passions.  I work 25 (now 26) days in a row – two jobs, both out of love, and going to school to do my Masters, to open myself up, to allow myself to express that love in the most vivid way possible.

Regular folk say that we are crazy, that our times off do not mesh enough, that we must have it hard.

We have lattes and wine and joyful magazine excerpts and reading books and mantras and just-cause cards and writing.  And we take none of this for granted.  We are grateful for these hours.  We do not miss our time together because we are appreciative of these times together.

We take none of this for granted mother fuckers – you pity us, but once you wake up, you will realize that we are the ones who have it right = looking up always, being grateful and appreciative always, loving forever-ever.


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