Day 304


Event days beget living in a hotel room, which beget unforeseen consequences.  Some are the big things, and others, like porta-potties, are less obvious (but no less important, mind you).  With porta-potties comes hand sanitizer (unless you are lucky enough to use a Quebecois one…), which dries out my hands.  The dried out hands leads to gobs of hand lotion, which gunks up my wedding ring.  And since I don’t want to be too my like my grandfather (loser of wedding ring), I have been wearing a sweater that allows me to latch my ring in a clasp.  The unforeseen consequence: my hand misses it.

I just woke up, obviously sweater-less.  I just saw myself in the bathroom mirror.  Wedding ring where it should be, I smiled.

I smile whenever I see my wedding ring in the mirror.


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