Day 303


The day is finishing.  Our day is finishing.  Our day felt like it started yesterday and it is merely ending now only for a little while, since 5AM is not far away.  Our day is pausing then, to be continued tomorrow.

These three-day days are hard.  These three-day days are event days.  Welcome to our day, welcome to our jungle.  From the outside, they seem unworthy, they seem insane – and they probably are.  But every one of us seems to have a reason to be here.  These event days of dancing monkeys and never-ending image capturing, they have their pockets, glimmers, smiles and congratulations.  They have pockets of happy and pockets that make it all worth it.

These days are not easy, by any means.  Story of my life: my mother, my wife, my family matters, my students, my cause and purpose – they don’t make life easy; they make life worth it.  They make life worth living for, worth hurting for; they make me worthy.


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