Day 297


In another life, or what feels like another life, the teacher in me takes a backseat to the salesman, the marketer.  It is something that I’ve said gives me the ability to be creative in a totally different way, uses a different skill set and yet, adapts me.  I have gone on sales/marketing missions and come back eating meals, interacting with people socially, taking chances in trusting people, understanding things about myself and the world that I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to understand.

This time, I see something quite interesting.  At this event, I’ve met individuals from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia (not a country, I know, but I’m not entirely sure from which country they hail).  There is clearly a language barrier, one that prevents in depth communication between myself and this assorted collection of like-minded (and equally insane) trained athletes.  And yet, communication is no less true between us.  And yet, communication is no less developed between us.  And yet, communication between us is facilitated through a universal language.  Communication between us is genuine and true and developed not because of common language, but because of a universally understood sign…

No, not that one (you of dirty mind —- that’s the one that we reserve for the people we have to work with!).

This genuine, true and developed communication is because of the universal language, the universal sign, of the smile…


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