Day 268


Still very, very tired; very, very…

So I will look to messages of belief, of faith, of caring and intentional love:

She believes…

Recovery is knowing that you aren’t alone in the battle.  Past battles have been lost, but the war is ours to overcome and conquer.

I believe…

Recovery is not being scared of being wrong or not letting the fear get in the way of what your wisdom tells you is in your true nature, best interests, your ME version of ME.

She believes…

Recovery is allowing yourself to find comfort in small things, like getting an entire category correct in Jeopardy!

I believe…

Recovery is ours to neglect and ours to take for granted and ours to ignore – if we’re too unintentional or unaware of tired or… – BUT with care and trust and belief, it can be ours to prove penguins can mother-fucking fly and mother-fucking soar and mother-fucking save the world.

She believes…

Recovery is wanting the best for yourself and your loved one, and making the changes necessary to be the best version of yourself.  That means falling down sometimes, until we fly.



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