Day 265


I took some time today to explain my reasons for veganism to my grandparents.  It often confuses them as not eating enough (which I see their side, given that I tried to go to sleep last night, only to realize – through Greatist’s August Self-Care Challenge‘s Yoga day – that I was trying to go asleep when I was still hungry; I’m still getting used to this not eating bulk at the end of the day, which allowed me to fall asleep “full” even if I hadn’t eaten enough through the day; now, I don’t have that “advantage” and since I air on the side of under-eating caution as opposed to over-eating caution, I may run into this trouble in the future — but I digress, as usual!).  Back to the spirit of veganism: as I’ve said before, it is about being the me version of me, the one with a soul and kindness that extends to humans and animals.

Recently, I read Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows writing about her discovery of a vegan diet:

“A vegan diet encouraged me to look outward for healing and to value all walks of life, including my own.  Little by little, I found the growth that I so desperately needed – through food.  A vegan diet is the way I aligned what’s in my heart with the food on my plate.  My compassion for others – and, most surprising, for myself – grew in many ways.  I finally realized that I’m worthy of happiness and deserving of nourishment no matter what the scale says – we all are” (xvii).  [Okay, had to throw in the recovery piece!].

And the vegan guru Robin Robertson adds some clear words of truth and inspiration:

“10. Last, please finish this sentence. ‘To me, veganism is…’

I’ll finish that sentence three – no, make it four — times:

‘To me, veganism is…Love.’

‘To me, veganism is…Compassion.’

‘To me, veganism is…Life.’

‘To me, veganism is…Delicious.'”

But the truth is, Tao of Pooh puts it as aptly as they or I ever will be able, or at least, as I am able to right now:

“The animals in the Forest don’t think too much; they just Are.  But with an overwhelming number of people, to misquote an old Western philosopher, it’s a case of ‘I think, therefore I am Confused.’  If you compare the City with the Forest, you may begin to wonder why it’s man who goes around classifying himself as The Superior Animal.  ‘Superior to what?’ asked Pooh.  ‘I don’t know, Pooh.  I’ve tried to think of something, but I just can’t come up with an answer.’  ‘If people were Superior to Animals, they’d take better care of the world,’ said Pooh” (77).

The environment, animals, each other – if people were superior, we should be doing a better job of taking care of our own (yes, I did steal that from How to Train Your Dragon 2).  That’s why I am vegan – out of love.


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