Day 262


I know that I’ve been drinking too much on-and-off recently.  Aforementioned exhaustion, mistakes around my eating habits, getting beat up from a whole host of angles – not excuses, but reasons.

The previously mentioned Neghar Fonooni has an interesting philosophy about food:

“The ‘first bite rule’ is clutch.

You know what I’m talking about. That first sip of wine that makes you go aaaaaahhhhh. That first bite of a warm chocolate chip cookie that makes you go mmmmmmm. It’s such a pleasurable experience. It’s food and it’s love and it’s heaven. Food is meant to be enjoyed, but shouldn’t we enjoy every bite as much as the first?

As much as I’d like to stay ‘stop eating when full,’ I know how challenging that can be. Listen, if we all stopped eating when our stomachs were at capacity then there wouldn’t be such a thing as obesity. But, by paying attention to your palate (and not just fullness cues) you can control the quantity of consumption, simply by stopping when the next bite isn’t as fabulous as the first.

You don’t have to eat all the chocolate or drink all the wine. You don’t even have to eat the entire rotisserie chicken or the whole plate of brussels sprouts, for that matter. Go slow, taste, be mindful–and portion ‘control’ will happen naturally.”

Drinking mindfully, enjoying it has been something I’ve done in the past (even the recent past, if I spread it out time-wise).  But maybe this is something I can incorporate into my life (maybe also with eating, since this concept of stopping when I’m full is a tough one right now, but that’s for another day), because I do feel the third glass of wine sometimes be a little too bitter or even the first glass of bourbon hit my throat in the wrong way.  I have tried to be more cognizant of this and will continue doing so one day at a time: if it does not taste as good as the first, perhaps (scratch that, probably,) I am drinking for the wrong reasons.


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