Day 227


It is only fair to chronicle it all here. The fears, the happy, the mindblowing astonishment at the stupidity and selfishness of some people.

It was the last day of school on Friday. The last day for this year, a year of glimmers but glimmers through the filth. It ended largely as it began: with selfishness and self centered and selfinvolvement.

Without specifics, there is a difference between doing the right thing and doing a good thing. The right thing follows the rules. The right thing takes guidelines and puts them before people or feelings or care. The right thing makes people feel like me.

Good things support and love. Good things make the universe better. Good things do not keep you searching for forgiveness, because even if you fail together, you are together.

Don’t think that doing right is the same. Lots of you did the right thing and lots of us are left feeling like this. Do unto others are acts of good. Doing what the rules say may help you sleep at night, but the impact of it keeps the rest of us awake.

Fuck you (insert school-workplace here). Summer is here much too late and the sun isn’t because of the season, it’s just that the filth won’t be there for a little while.


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