Day 225


Yesterday had a slew of shitty moments. A whole host of work-related fuckery, shittardery and fucktardery even, made it long, demanding, frightening and altogether brutal.

However, this post isn’t about that. I will CHOOSE to write about the following things. I will CHOOSE to remember in the chronicles of the Internet, the things about yesterday that made me smile and warmed my heart and reminded me that my soul is there, still, and that they have not taken that from me.


– Workout Friend telling me that just like I told him, I can, should and need to vent to him to deal with the emotions = reciprocating the friendship,  the affection.

– IAN of the day = having a customer (and cashier) at Bulk Barn be dumbfounded and geniunely happy at my Intentional Act of Niceness of passing the $2 remaining on a gift card to him standing behind me in line.

– The smile on an ungraduateable student, predicted to be dead before high school even started, crossing the stage and seeing me, with the hat he made me being worn proudly, and multiplying the happy moment by two. Congratulations Matthew.


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