Day 211


There are lies that we tell ourselves, to justify or convince us of aberrant or abusive or downright abhorrent behaviours.  These lies are lies of the most putrid nature, because they convince us that they smell so sweet.

Lies like:

That’s the way this place has always been, that’s how people are

The truth:

Change is hard, working towards it takes risks and worry-filled days and nights

Lies like:

We are going in a different direction with you, because we feel you would do well there and it’s for the benefit of the kids

The truth:

You didn’t trust the job that she was doing, and so you will summarily, maliciously and blindly move her into a bullshit position (one that might force her to quit), because you know you can, because you know she won’t speak up loud enough, because the only one fighting for her is me

Lies like:

According to Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel Eating Animals, the abusive practices of many factory farm operations (I’m thinking particularly about the stories he includes from turkey farms and pig farms; but let’s be serious, to put a chicken in a box the size of a piece of paper, that’s part of it too) are glossed over, forgotten or excused as “commonplace.”

The truth:

Stick animals in an environment like that, an environment that demeans animals to that degree and all the animals involved (pigs, turkeys, chickens, humans) will become demeaned, decrepit, darker.

Lies like:

We were acting in your best interest by not telling you about our decision to rent a car.

The truth:

We fucked up, did what we have historically done by acting alone.  Even though I’ve asked them: nothing about me, without me.

Lies like:

We were just following orders.

The truth:

We didn’t have the guts to do what was right.

These lies may help you sleep at night, it’s because it’s dark.  I’d rather be restless in the light.


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