Day 200


A musing on Intentional Acts of Niceness…

The interesting thing is that technically, doing nice things for others and having them do them for you in return technically should balance out the scales to zero.  I take another teacher’s on-call, but she surprises me with coffee the next day as a thank you – technically, the scales of the universe have evened out.  In the same way, if I had bought my own coffee and she had done her own on-call, the scales of the universe would have evened out as well.

However, see the difference?  One makes each of us incrementally happier, makes our days incrementally better and the ripple effect makes us both appreciate our world, our people, our lives a little bit more.  So while in the second instance, 1 + 1 = 2, in the first, nicer, more grateful and appreciative and loving example, 1 + 1 = 3.  There is an additional element added to both sides of our scale so that Law of Conservation of Energy does not actually apply: we have created.  In the same way that happiness can be destroyed (as this place has shown time and time again), we humans are capable of defying physics, defying that energy can only change, it cannot be created or destroyed.

I present the example of IANs – they are capable of creating happiness, so that the scales balance out, but in a way beyond what they were before.

IANs create something beautiful, don’t they…


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