Day 190


Let’s be clear about something: there is a lot of recycling when it comes to education initiatives.  Someone puts their own stamp on the idea by changing the language or going “back to basics,” claiming that they are a revolutionary of the times!  The same happens with diet data (good quality food, not too much, lots of plants tends to be agreed upon most, and has been the case for centuries).  The same happened at University to a degree, where you had historians, literaries, social scientists, anthropologists, etc., putting their language into an idea – the EXACT SAME IDEA – but because it was in their language, it was their idea.

Reeling in the rant a little, recycling happens and very often it is frustrating for the educators who don’t accept this as a reality.  However, one that really sounds right is growth mindset.  It is the idea that if educators believe and if students believe and if parents believe that students are moldable, growable, developable (none of those are words, I know), there is genuine success.  Same information being delivered, same situations at home and school, same students, but different mentality – a mentality of positiveness, of development, of change, of hope.

Yesterday, I used the growth mindset that my wife and I have fought to build re: food to eat with soft-measurements on the road, to eat dinner and then dessert because I wanted to spend time with my Mom.  I say that the two of us have fought for this growth mindset because I have too many people around me, have always have had those people around me, who believe that I cannot change, that I do not change, that I am too fixed to change.  Well, fuck you.  You aren’t helping.  In fact, based on “current” education philosophies, you are hurting.

I said something to that effect to my Mom before going to dinner last night: I can change, I can grow, I can hope.  I was not always fucked up and I won’t always be fucked up, I can be the me version of me, I can reclaim my healthy.  But it takes positiveness, it takes a belief in development and change, it takes hope.


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