Day 183


There were especially hard moments today: crying while driving to work, face hurting throughout the day, getting blindsided by a depressed young man (without fair warning from the guidance counsellor who sent him my way).

There were also some great moments: being able to draw on my mental health experiences to hopefully help that young man amidst my dumbfoundedness; finding support in two colleagues,  one of whom wanted my day to end on a positive note so much that she told me about a student that wrote about me in her English class as an inspiration and with admiration; coming home to find my wife, even through her fatigue and pain, surprised me and confirmed by belief in her strength and love.

How is it then that I still have trouble not being bogged down by the bad and not pulled up by the good? Is it because the bad outbalances or is it something inside me causing the imbalance?


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