Day 169


Put all the shit aside.  Put all the grime and the sludge and the mud-slinging that comes with working in an environment that fosters frigidness, that encourages disdain, that produces tears.  Put all that shit aside today, because good was done.

I just gave a presentation with my students that will help a lot of people.  It will help my students feel more confident in their everyday schooling and lives.  It will help the students who attended the workshop learn and develop awareness, acceptance, empathy (things lacking in everyone’s lives it seems).  It will help raise awareness for an issue that – quite frankly – affects more students than anyone realizes and deserves our attention and care.  Bottom line is, today was a good day; today was a day that helped – both me and the world.

Always try to save the world, even when the rest of the world thinks you’re tilting at windmills.  Fly by being strong and loving and respectful, knowing what rivers know, that we shall get there some day.


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