Day 154


One thing crossed my mind as I walked into school today = the only reason why I’m more relaxed is because it’s the end of the week, I don’t have to be here anymore for a while.

There are opportunities in this building that I cannot pass up professionally.  There are so many amazing things I am leading and a part of that helps so many who deserve it.  There is so much good I am doing here and so much good I still have to do.  I have a chance to move into a position of responsibility, have a seat at another table (officially) that will allow me to change things, for the better.  Perhaps make it more collegial, less cold, more supportive, less debilitating…

Maybe I am just delusional.  Maybe I am just convincing myself that the personal wear-and-tear isn’t going to cause me to collapse under the weight of impersonality and backstabbing.  But I fucking hate walking in with the feeling that the best part of my day will be walking out.


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