Day 153


There is a Mennonite Church that I see on the way to work.  I think it was put there by a higher power, but not for the obvious reasons.

Typically, you would think that a Church was placed to inspire and celebrate religion; I believe this specific institution was placed there to inspire faith and love and understanding and all those other beautiful things that stand as the hallmarks of any religion.

As I have written before, I am not a religious person.  As my writing does show though, I do respect religion and I am definitely a spiritual person, one that has faith.  I have faith that there is something universal: love.

After Monday’s debacle and subsequent emotional hangover, amidst turmoil at work (maybe for tomorrow…), I pass by this Church on my way to school this morning.  There is a sign outside this Church that has weekly sayings on it.  I have found these to always be timely.  I have found these to always be inspirational.  I have found these to always speak to whatever is going on in my life.  Today, it said:



I have a completely unfounded hope that others look at that sign in times of need and get inspired.  Heck, maybe everyone looks at the sign at different times, when they need it.  Maybe everyone looks at the sign and sees something different, sees what they need to see.  For it is not just a sign for me, but a sign of inspiration for love and faith in the world.


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