Day 152

Baby –

You got emotional and drunk and hijacked last night; you walked out on me.  You saw that I was hurt and tired and instead of fighting through, instead of love carrying you through and providing you with the strength to be caring, you walked out.

I was scared for your safety, since you were in no shape to drive.  I was scared and you didn’t care – how is that love?  Do you love me anymore?  Is that why you haven’t been able to consistently hold the flashlight to light our way?

I’m going through one of the hardest times of my career and my family ain’t no crystal stair right now either, and you decided not to be by my side, to understand that.  I want the you version of you back please; I love you.

I am usually a pushover when it comes to you, it comes with me being stupid in love, but you need to understand that this was not right.  This was so far from a relationship, from understanding, from a just us.  This was not an us.

My wife – the love of my life – left.  She physically left and I’m scared for her, for us.

You gave into your blackness, to your evil thoughts.  We can get through that, we can forgive that together.  But it will only happen if you act like you believe, by going on faith and loving with abandon.

I love you forever.

– Yours


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