Day 146


There are some days that the universe knows before me, that the universe finally knows that I’ve had enough, that I need to find a way to get to the end of the day, that I’m walking dead…

I’m too stupid to fall down, too stubborn to fall down…

And then…

A student bringing over a gift to say “thank you”

The universe knows

Watching Wall-E with a class and tearing up

The universe knows

A colleague actually following up on their word, taking care of something they said they would take care of

The universe knows

Work friend giving me shit for not prioritizing me and my wellness

The universe knows

Dad taking care of us (of the car, but same thing)

The universe knows

A student making me smile by asking me to prom (no prom-posal though, so I had to decline…)

The universe knows

Words of love and appreciation from my girl, seeing that there is direction and meaning and honesty behind them

The universe knows

OK universe, I hear you:



We all fall down.


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