Day 144


I thought about writing how fucked up work is right now, how ghost-like it feels, how haunted it comes across without people, only phantoms and illusions and transparency.

Then I saw this “prompt of the day”:

Let’s do that instead, try to shake off the phantoms and smile a little.  I have done my happy list before (Day 100), so I will look to some other things for my happy…

  1. Old people holding hands (and to PLUS it: old interracial couples holding hands, knowing that it might have been hard for them to find each other all those years ago)
  2. When a student goes out of their way – there is a maturity there that some adults don’t have; to listen, act and care – whether it be through extra-curriculars or class time – is something beautiful to watch happen and develop in a young person
  3. ANIMALS! (ok, from my happy list, but it’s too awesome to overlook…)
  4. Knowing that I will leave a change, a growth, an impact, an impression (whether I do it based on guilt or penance or distraction), something that’s positive when I go
  5. Experiencing belief into direction by not only having faith in love, but to see and feel acts of love – most people only ever have the opportunity to have faith in their higher power, never witnessing miracles or acts of God, but I have the opportunity to see that in my wife’s choice, in her direction back to “just us,” in re-growing her belief in love

So if you see someone smiling in their car on the way back from a crappy day at work, seeing an old Asian woman holding hands with a hobbling Caucasian man…

… that’s me, because that’s my happy.


9 thoughts on “Day 144

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