Day 143


I have done the “things I gain by sitting” and I have the quote in my face all the time.  This, however, is the “things I lose by not resting” list:

  • patience
  • the ability to wake up peacefully, without the hands on my stomach clutching the “fat” around my waist
  • my wife’s comfort being comfortable around me
  • the opportunity to read novels for pleasure
  • the loss of a Sunday in BLISS
  • catching up on Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines
  • peace of mind
  • time with people I love, since I’m worrying about eating times/amounts when I’m weak and beaten down
  • sleep when I want as opposed to when food dictates or the booze wears off
  • opportunities to bond, because I’m more concerned about the ring of “fat” (likely a cardio-less or bourbon-plus consequence) and thus driving in the car/sitting
  • comfort/confidence in my decision-making ability – cancel/change plans due to actually being tired or because I haven’t had actual dinner in a while and do not want to fuck with what has “worked” (perceived, at least)
    • veganism might be a step towards this = the strength to make the ME decision (as opposed to it being a magic pill END, it could be a magic pill BEGINNING for this reason)
  • calm, quiet, peace of mind, the ability to look up

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