Day 110


We had a great evening together.  Nothing spectacular; just pizza and a good bottle of wine, a cheat for me and a cheat for her.  We both looked up though.  We fell asleep in each other’s arms.  We were grateful to share the night with each other.

Given our very different occupations, my wife and I don’t get every night together.  We don’t get every weekend together or every holiday.  It has never bothered me, because I appreciate the moments we get together that make us smile and have never wanted to have regrets.  I would rather be happy with the time that we do get together.

This isn’t some dough-eyed rambling though.  We have had some insane mind-fuckery in our marriage and I should look at her differently, at our relationship differently.  I do, but not with any form of malice or consistent darkness.  The just us version of our relationship accepts what has happened, having faith that it won’t happen again.  This makes me appreciate nights like tonight.

I just woke up after dozing off and wanted to write this down: I love my wife.  I appreciate my wife.  I am able to remember these things, as they aren’t clogged by broken or dirty memories.

I hope that we aren’t the only ones.

I would like to think that everyone has the opportunity to feel this connection, this sort of appreciation.

I hope that other couples are able to find that person that makes them want to be a better version of themselves.

I would like to think that everyone has a somebody that makes them smile in the moments that everyone else is making them cry.

I hope that the rest of the world doesn’t take nights like this for granted.


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