Day 100

My reasons for needing this today are inconsequential, at least in comparison to the things on this list.  In fact, the things on this list are so important to me that I won’t write much more than I need, so as to not dilute their beauty with mundane introductions:

My Happy List

Sharing food with or finding cool stuff for my girl (or pretty much anything else that will make her eyes smile)

Helping someone

Cookies and Lego with my nephew

Tea or soup when I’m perfectly cold (temperature-wise or emotionally, the latter often fixed by Mom)

Finding little reminders of people’s love and care (emails, phone messages, texts, pictures)

The first crack of fresh air into a room or the car when I’m overly stuffy

Driving through puddles (obviously with no one there, because that’s just mean)

Watching Dad be playful with the dog, reminding me that he needs to intentionally find his happy sometimes too, often with the simplest ways being the most effective

Searching others’ happy lists

Breaking down the walls and barriers and minefields (ok, that metaphor gets a little lost with the last one, but no one is perfect) that my blackness has to offer, listening to it scream for mercy and cry for its existence, until all that’s left is its gurgling, choking on its own bile


photo (2)


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