Day 47


I have been up for twelve hours and I feel like I don’t have time to write this entry.  I have run around all day, doing things, but now I feel exhausted and like I have wasted a day.  I still have school work to get done and reading I want to do and TV shows I want to watch, but may not get to any of them.  It’s like when I eat too much and regret it, but keep doing it the next day…

I said to my wife that I hope the one lesson I gain from this particular Winter Break is the candle – the beautiful reminder that I am worth sitting down.  I probably still don’t see it as a worthwhile activity without exhausting myself first, but that will come later in the exposure list.  But just like the kind Science teacher’s cookie told me that a cookie won’t be the death of me, something as beautiful and amazing and loving as a candle to signify my worth cannot be evil and cannot provoke a negative response.

Someone out there believes I am worth it, and more important and timely than that, she’s showing me that I am worth it.  I need to do the things that treat me like I’m worth it, now that she’s showing me.


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