Day 37


Evidence that I know what’s best for me, that I’m a ME expert = I know that I shouldn’t eat three different bulks at one meal (veggies, cooked cabbage, cereal) unless one of them is teeny-tiny, and yet, I continue to do it.  It makes me feel bloated and gross and unsatisfied, and yet, I continue to do it.

However, just like the flexibility and fun snacks were my idea that I just needed reinforced/parroted by an “expert,” there was little I was going to do to get my way out of this.  So I said it out loud, to my wife.  I will try to trust myself with this one, trust that I will not be unsatisfied by the quality over quantity (or that if I am, it is a sign that I need to EAT MORE AT THAT MEAL!) and trust that making that jump isn’t going to be wrong or treacherous or that if it is, that’s ok too.

I want to see me be brave.  My wife wants to see me be brave for me (I love that she identified self-worth on her brainstormed blacklist/tools for me – she knows I can be brave for me, like I am for so many others).


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