Day 34/35


  • Non-anxious sex
  • Sitting down without voice/guilt
  • Trusting that people are caring for me not out of guilt, but out of love (even if I ask them to watch out for me, signs of rigidity returning)
  • More flexible (earlier) eating times – i.e. 11:45 instead of NOON)
  • Not finishing plates or guess-timating returns if full
  • Nap
  • Twice-a-day sex
  • Not having the end-of-day meal be the last enjoyable thing of the day
  • Test-drive the cheat meal (eight portions + wiggle room)
  • Foods:
    • Sausage
    • Higher fat ground meat
    • Cookies
    • Fried food
    • White rice (sushi)


  • Mantras
    • “You deserve downtime”
    • “I gained in sitting” / “I gained in resting”
    • “Living in the moment feels so good”
    • “You don’t have to work harder than the next person in order to be a worthwhile person”
    • Sex dates
    • Scheduled downtime – i.e. stretching with mindful recordings
    • Cognitive restructuring (recognizing, rethinking thoughts/feelings)
    • When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough
    • “Experiments” – i.e. burning candles and not blowing them out, set a timer, etc.
      • Tealight candle = period of time each day to sit down and rest

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