Day 29


And the story begins again … just because yesterday was a good day, doesn’t mean that today can’t be a differently good day or a better one.  Yesterday’s food pattern shouldn’t dictate today’s.  It can inform today’s, but it shouldn’t dictate it.  I probably care more about this, about planning the day’s food ahead and thinking just a little too much about it because I’m sitting down right now.  There aren’t any crises or students so I am sitting down and working, which is not usually something that my head does really well.

I’m sitting and thinking about things that I love, but the voice in my head gets jittery about it, which could have been escalated by the two cups of coffee, but not overly.  This is something I have to admit to.

Then I came across this:

Today has been spent mostly in a sitting position.  Not a problem for most people, admittedly. However, for many of the ‘Eating Disorder community’, sitting for long periods of time can be as torturous as, say, sleep deprivation may be…

In my case, the cost of remaining seated must be weighed according to the value of what is gained.  So today, I spent time with my best friend and her lovely husband who are moving to Canada on Saturday. I will miss her all the more, knowing she is so far away (

Sounds about right, so I will give it a shot…

In my case, the cost of remaining seated must be weighed according to the value of what is gained: I finished a short project that will get me in administration’s good graces; I researched recipes on pumpkin seed bars that I can give away at work that won’t spend money but will buy favours; I figured out a way to warm my girl’s heart.  All in all, I gained in sitting.


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