Day 1


Breakfast is freaking awesome!  Why the hell I fell into not eating it and suffering until lunch with dizziness, hunger pangs, terrible coffee (to kill the pangs) and – most importantly – being a dick, I don’t know.  It is tough to recognize this when you’re living in a shitty situation and irritants are abound, but it is almost like an ability to filter out the other stuff that it impacted: driving too fast without reason, rigidity about being on time, being intolerant of the students I teach (and therefore blind to their problems), having perspective.

This could be entirely because I am not going to school today.  It is not a regular day – check the boredom box.  It is not a work-location day, going to a place that feels cold – check the lack of personal connection box.  It is not a 6AM wakeup day – check the sleeping enough box.  And while we’re at it, check the “can’t allow yourself to trust yourself anymore so that I don’t have to be wrong or be unprepared or have something/someone sneak up from behind and try to garrotte me” box.


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